Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Very Exciting stuff!

First of all - please excuse the mess, I am renovating ;)

I feel like I have been on a blogging and editing hiatus lately and its driving me crazy. I basically have blown up our current laptop with all my photography stuff, and it goes snail slow... I mean slow! So in an effort to not totally kill it before its replacement gets here, I have not been pushing it too hard. My new baby will be here before the weekend. Its a dell precision laptop with the works!

Another thing causing my hiatus is business planning! I have invested a great deal of time in researching the "best" everything for my clients. Best prints, Gallery Wrapped Canvases, custom proof boxes, best online ordering system, and framing.
I found the cutest packaging this week for all my orders! It was screaming my name! I want my prints to come with gorgeous packaging. My new website is almost finished! Soon you can also find me at www.KristinTatemPhotography.com
The best part of all this planning is that I LOVE IT! I am having so much fun and really enjoy it! The one thing I wanted to make sure of was that I had all my ducks in a row before officially getting into business. This was the one thing I always promised myself about starting a photography business - that I would not jump into anything and do it half way. I wont be taking on a ton of clients, but for each one that I do, I want it to be a great experience and prints that they will love! I literally am thinking about photography all the time... I cant sleep! Its sad, but it feels good to be so passionate about something!!

In non-business related news, Breck has officially turned into a MONKEY! He keeps climbing up on the table, up on the bar stools, got up on the counter today, and he keeps getting stuck in random places. Poor guy is so bored. I have got to get him into some sort of program. That is on my top list of things to do right now.

Well, I will quit rambling for tonight. We are headed to Florida next week, so look for some vacation photos coming soon... FROM MY NEW LAPTOP!



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For me, photography started after I was gifted a digital camera. It was love at first sight and I instantly became obsessed with learning photography. I am inspired daily as I look around and see color, light and texture everywhere I go. I don’t think the photographer in me ever shuts off. I am constantly looking at scenes through a viewfinder, even when I don’t have my camera with me. I feel so blessed to live the life that I do. My children are my biggest inspiration and I love being able to capture every moment of their lives in a truly artistic form. I enjoy looking back at their pictures and seeing both their growth as a child and mine as a photographer. I hope to capture these same moments for my clients. My style is simple, fresh and modern. I keep my processing very clean and classic. To contact me, go to my website or email me at kristin@kristintatemphotography.com

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